153. 47 years old film Ilford HP4 pushed to ISO800 #justleica #shootdevelopscan, januar 2018

I got this Ilford HP4 bulk film from one of the teacher from primary school here in Ajdovščina. Film is from 1971 and I toke photos with my Leica M6 on ISO 800. I developed by myself by Rodinal. 50+1, stand dev 60 minute. Here are result. I was a quite disapointed, but on the other way you must be crazy to expect something really good from 47 years old film. I have more of this film and maybe I will come back to this film letter, but right now I need some fresh new film.

Camera: LEICA M6

Lens: Voigtlander  Color Skopar 35mm, F2.5

Developed: Rodinal 50+1, 60 minute

Scan: Epson V600